World Cup 2010 — RCN

This job was in conjunction with the 2010 World Cup. We were highlighting that you could watch ALL the games on, which is available with RCN High-Speed Internet. For an event of this magnitude, it’s always best to highlight and promote as many services as you can around an event that captivates the world. I believe we did a solid job.

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UFC 118 Meet And Greet

This is a recent print piece I did for RCN. I was very happy with the results. In this industry, sometimes things get pushed to you hours before its due, and the timeliness of the event you’re promoting is always pertinent. In this case, I had to write copy and work with our designer to quickly turn this around on a Friday night so we could promote it for the weekend event. All in all, these are circumstances I don’t mind. I generally prefer a strict deadline, because it’s challenging and really makes you work effectively as possible.

7681 Bos UFC Poster2

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Some work samples from RCN

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